Thursday, July 3, 2008

new look - and random examples of awkwardness

So I've wanted bigger pictures for a while, but was too lazy to go back through all my old pics and re-upload bigger sizes and change all the code. Then I realized I could just have an awkward blog for a few weeks and mix small and big pics...and ya know, I'm ok with that. :)

I was also told in photo class last week that technically you should keep BOTH eyes open while taking photos. Well whaddyaknow. Perhaps my teacher (who resembles a mixture of Old McDonald and Kevin from the Office) is misinformed, but regardless...I thought it best to switch some things being my blog's header name. So going forward I'm just using my name, hence the S and M initials. Oh and then I added a star b/c I like them, and b/c mine reminds me of a cookie. mmmmm. Ok that's not entirely true...the star is a symbol I've held close to my heart since I lived in Australia. And the cookie thing doesnt hurt.

I havnt decided to change the blog's URL b/c again, I'm lazy and need to take one step at a time here.

So moving forward = New, improved, BIG!


Sam said...

Shey, love the new look and your logo. It's awesome!

Zela said...

love the new look! and the logo is fab! xoxo

December said...

Looks fantastic!!
I love that iris? orchid? whatver, its purty!

Daf said...

okay never mind, you answered my question :) and duh, I get it now (the S and the M)