Monday, March 24, 2008

powder in Utah

I had to crop my glove out of this pic. I'm smooth like that.

My dad, sister, and the abominable snowman. Seriously - who takes a picture with all their cold gear up around their face?

Dave and I at the top of Deer Valley, desperately trying not to fall while maintaining strained and awkward standing positions.

I wouldnt make it as a paparazzi. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were in front of us in the lift line. I look like a stalker here...

Dave and I in downtown Park City. My hair lost the battle with static.

Pretty white trees.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break Here I Come!

So we leave today for Park City, UT to go skiing with my dad and sister in Deer Valley. I still have to pack, have no idea if my ski boots still fit, and I still have a fridge full veggies that will spoil - I'm a bit unprepared. So excited though...havnt been skiing in years and I havnt seen my dad/sis since Christmas. It will be a good time - I'll post pics when I get home. Talk to yall next week, and Happy Easter!

I did want to post this one sneak peek of my good friends Sam and Brett who are expecting their baby in early April. I took some maternity photos for them and it was SO FUN. We had such a great time and while I still have so many to proof - I wanted to post this one for them in case the baby comes early before I am finished! :) I wasnt sure how much I'd like taking pics of real people(I'm accustomed to cats and landscapes) but it was awesome and a big part of me enjoyed it more. Fun times. Here you go Sam!! Cant wait to meet the little one!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

brussel sprout salad with maple vinaigrette

I first had a variation of this salad at our favorite local sushi restaurant (H20) and I played around at home until I came up with my version. It's pretty simple - you shave(either on a mandolin or like I did - with a sharp knife) raw brussel sprouts, julienned red radishes, green onion, and I added homemade roasted spanish peanuts and bacon. I drizzled this with my basic vinaigrette (recipe posted earlier this month) and instead of a pinch of sugar I added some maple syrup. Mmmm. Even dave who DESPISES brussel sprouts liked them raw in this dish. Score.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rocky here for a visit

I got some cuddle time in after arriving home on Friday evening.

Carolina On My Mind

This past week I was on a business trip to Rich Square, NC. We were doing a physical inventory at one of our offsite printers, and stayed at a hotel in the bustling town of Roanoke Rapids. It turned out to be a productive week but I was very happy to leave the fried food and dusty warehouse. I was not so happy to come back to 29 degree weather and snow.

Before I left Mellow decided he wanted to come with me.

Minnie was cool staying behind.