Sunday, June 17, 2007

Peruvian Photos

For our 1 year anniversary trip Dave wanted Peru, I wanted Greece. Dave won. In the end though it was the perfect trip for us - adventure, culture, history, luxury. It was our first trip to South America and we absolutely loved Peru. I took my camera on the 4 day Inka Trail hike and barely had it off. I particularly enjoyed the flora - it was unlike anything I'd ever seen. Plus I found it amusing that an extremely bizarre looking flower was called a 'daisy'. Here are some shots from our trip. I hadnt figured out the manual settings yet so I was shooting in auto - but I think they turned out ok for a kit lens!


Today has been a lazy day and I love it! We're watching the US Open, cooking up some white bean and kale soup with sundried tomatoes and saffron, and I'm writing my first post on my blog. My cat Minnie is sitting on half of the keyboard so I think a photo of her will be a good start. She loves her heinekens.