Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brand new blog!!!


I am SO excited to bring you guys to my awesome new blog...this is just one of MANY really cool new things coming up soon for my photography business, and I'm so glad you guys are here to share it with me!!

All of my old blog posts are still here, archived away in case you ever want to check out the randomness that was Nov. 2007 for instance...but going forward all new blog posts will be here at MY NEW BLOG!!!!

A part of me will miss my old blogger blog's where I first learned how to google html scripts and insert them at will within code, repeatedly clear my cache file, and it's where I first shared my pictures with everyone. :) But yeah....I think this new blog is definitely worth the switch!!

So please make sure to update your google reader, bookmarks, etc. to my new home!!!

Click the link above to check out how awesome the big new photos look! :)