Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My website is live!!

Shey Marin Photography has an official site! As I continue to work on my porfolio I created a website to help streamline the whole process. I'm in the very beginning stages of it all and am trying to keep one foot in front of the other as I head down this path. This is so exciting for me - and I'm blessed to have such great support from everyone.

So feel free to check out my new site!

Shey Marin Photography

and here's a little preview:


Zela said...

YAY! i'm so proud of you shey! it looks awesome!

Stephanie said...


Gummy Mommy said...

Goodness!! Shey.. CONGRATS!!! I'm very excited for you.. You're so talented.. Yipeeee!! You go girl!! wishing you lots of success..
I can say.. ".. and I knew her before she was all famous!!"