Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break Here I Come!

So we leave today for Park City, UT to go skiing with my dad and sister in Deer Valley. I still have to pack, have no idea if my ski boots still fit, and I still have a fridge full veggies that will spoil - I'm a bit unprepared. So excited though...havnt been skiing in years and I havnt seen my dad/sis since Christmas. It will be a good time - I'll post pics when I get home. Talk to yall next week, and Happy Easter!

I did want to post this one sneak peek of my good friends Sam and Brett who are expecting their baby in early April. I took some maternity photos for them and it was SO FUN. We had such a great time and while I still have so many to proof - I wanted to post this one for them in case the baby comes early before I am finished! :) I wasnt sure how much I'd like taking pics of real people(I'm accustomed to cats and landscapes) but it was awesome and a big part of me enjoyed it more. Fun times. Here you go Sam!! Cant wait to meet the little one!


Christina Olson said...

Hello my love! How fun! Have a great time in Utah. I just sent you an email but it will to wait a little wh ile I suppose. Finally finishing my blog today. Then the dream is over, sad. Talk to you when you get back. xoxo

Daf said...

I hope Utah was fun!! OMG I didn't realize you were taking photos of real peeps yet - the preview is fantastic!

Happy Easter (bunny bok bok)