Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweet Baby Parker

Today I met beautiful baby Parker and his awesome family! He was so tiny, sweet and adorable - such a perfect little model! His gorgeous mama is featured in my sneak peeks too - I just love that shot of them together! And seriously - check out how cute his tiny little lips are...SO CUTE!

Prepare yourself for some serious baby cuteness....:







Jess said...

Eeeeee!!! They are so good! Thank you again so much! Can NOT wait to see all of them!!!!

Nathan & Ashlee said...

Wow, these pics are GREAT!!! I'll be getting your number from Jess very soon!

GummyMommy said...

OMG.. Shey.. that pic before the last one.. the look and half smile on that baby's's precious!! so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Love these so much. The last one is a precious moment!

Ellen said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!