Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm not dead, it's just hot market time.

I've been MIA lately with friends, family - even Dave doesnt see me some days. Such is life during the month of January. We're all counting down the days until this is done and over with:

Working for adidas gives me a jaded look at who to route for...I usually go for whatever market is larger so our order volume goes up. Really sportsmanlike. This year I thought I'd base my decision on the QB. Who do you think I'm routing for?...

modern day Zeus?

Goofy younger-not-as-talented Manning brother?

and just for good measure:


Lindsey said...

Dude, that last picture is beyond awkward.

Jessica said...

Whoa, what is with the mesh shirt and camo codpiece?

Stephanie said...

Zeus Zeus Zeus!