Sunday, October 14, 2007

taking a break

Life has gotten pretty hectic for me lately. Lots of work, business trips, blah blah blah. I havnt had much time to relax but I wanted to make sure to post this weekend so here i am! We're dog watching our little dog nephew Rocky while Bro/Sis in law are in Baltimore visiting the city and going on interviews. Rocky's such a great dog and we really are enjoying having him. We've kept the cats in 1 bedroom just to avoid pet drama, which worked until this morning Mellow escaped and a chase ensued. Rocky chased Mellow, I chased Rocky, and Dave chased us all trying to get one of them to stop. All ended well - but we've made sure to be more careful about shutting the doors tightly! Here are some pics of the little cutie:

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Stephanie said...

Looks like he is fitting right in...time for a dog for Dave!