Sunday, June 17, 2007

Peruvian Photos

For our 1 year anniversary trip Dave wanted Peru, I wanted Greece. Dave won. In the end though it was the perfect trip for us - adventure, culture, history, luxury. It was our first trip to South America and we absolutely loved Peru. I took my camera on the 4 day Inka Trail hike and barely had it off. I particularly enjoyed the flora - it was unlike anything I'd ever seen. Plus I found it amusing that an extremely bizarre looking flower was called a 'daisy'. Here are some shots from our trip. I hadnt figured out the manual settings yet so I was shooting in auto - but I think they turned out ok for a kit lens!


Stephanie said...

Just checking in! I will add you to my list firends blogs!

Shey said...

yay I figured out how to add you as well! :)

Mister Orange said...

Wonderful pics! It was great seeing you guys, and I'm glad you finally got to see our palatial estate.